About Us

During the brutal lock-downs in Perth, WA in 2020, our founder Emma spent a lot of time in her PJ's like everyone else. However, she was left disappointed with the brittle quality, excessive price points and run-of-the-mill commonality in the Australian sleepwear market.

Plagued with insomnia herself, she r
ealised how important comfortable sleepwear is when creating a healthy relationship with your bed, making Sleeping Booty a company that was founded with the intent to problem solve.

With experience in fabrics, design & quality she studiously developed a Satin-Hybrid with a focus on combating commercial commonality; offering a one-of-a-kind sleepwear solution that puts the spotlight on the unique individuals we all are.

Today, Sleeping Booty holds a unique position in the Australian market, offering Australians the opportunity to personalise their wardrobes rather than letting mainstream commercial retailers use it as a storage space.